Liposuction Treatment

Liposuction is an easy solution which removes excessive fat from certain areas of the body. The procedure is a cosmetic solution to the problem of excess fat that accumulates in certain areas of the body and can be conducted with a lot of ease.

The simple liposuction surgery involves the insertion of a tube that pulls out excess fat from the desired area and allows the surgeon to shape the body as desired.

This is why liposuction treatments are often also used as solutions which allow for body sculpting treatment. Liposuction body sculpting is a great way for people who are looking to tone up to get their desired shape and then maintain it using regular exercise.


Liposuction - How It Works

As we’ve specified already, liposuction is a fairly easy procedure. The basic apparatus involves a cannula which is used to penetrate the skin and suck out the fat, and a suction or vacuum mechanism that helps pull the fat out from the desired area. The areas are targeted and sometimes technologies like ultra-sound or water or laser are used to melt the fat in areas to make it easier to extract. Some of these technologies have been known to benefit patients over time while others have risks associated with them but at the end of the day, it is up to the patient and doctor to find out what will work best on a case-by-case basis. The effects of liposuction, before and after treatment, are quite diametrically different. Usually, after treatment, there is some scarring and change in the colour of skin but this is natural since the procedure directly affects the upper areas of the body. In all, though, it is beneficial, especially if the person undertaking the treatment is opting for body sculpting treatment or body sculpting surgery since this can be maintained over a long period of time with minimal efforts from the patient.

Risks & Side-Effects Of Liposuction


Liposuction treatment or liposuction surgery is one of the most common procedures in the USA. This is testament to the fact that liposuction procedure is a relatively safe one. Fat removal treatment is not complicated but there are problems that can arise from person-to-person depending on the recipient’s health and well-being. This means that a thorough check-up and disclosure of any issues is recommended.

In an occasional scenario, there might be allergies that can cause problems and complications.

There is a possibility that liposuction might leave a patient with scarring that cannot be cured or taken care of. Another issue with liposuction can be the very real and possible result of embolisms and pulmonary issues which can lead to more complications like necrosis of the skin and even possible amputation. While these side-effects are very real, liposuction risks and side-effects are relatively uncommon and very rarely arise when the procedure is performed by skilled practitioners who have ample experience.

Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction does not have a very intensive recovery time, provided the procedure has been handled well. In most cases, the scarring and other cosmetic problems subside in a few days with regular treatment like application of lotions and some minor medicine. Some rest, up to a week, is again part of the recovery process and it really ensures there are no problems. A general check-up as a follow-up is always recommended and ensures everything is in tip-top shape.


For liposuction recovery, a person can fully resume their regular activities in about two weeks, usually. Since the procedure isn’t too intensive, once it is completed, there are very few complications that disappear in some time. Maintaining a steady and balanced diet along with some exercise can then create a regular system for managing the issues that led to liposuction in the first place. An important factor to note during recovering from liposuction is that there can be some complications if there are any clashing medications or side-effects that the patient has not spoken to their doctor about.

Therefore, to facilitate the easiest recovery, a doctor and patient should study the risks involved in liposuction recovery.

Liposuction is one of the easiest cosmetic procedures anyone can avail. The low-risk and side-effects make it a procedure that can seem very attractive but it is not a permanent cure to any other disorders that might be affecting a person. This is important to note and dwell on for anyone considering the procedure. If you believe that you are in need of liposuction, you should ideally look at other solutions before taking this on.

Discuss liposuction with certified doctors and see if it is a solution for you! Cosmetic Studio invites you for consultations where we can help you understand the best solutions. Contact us now and reach out to our team of experts who have core medical experience and established credentials.


                                        Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat - cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore 

Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore


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