Yes, it is, provided there are no risk factors that are beyond normal levels, even with patients having pre-existing illnesses like diabetes, hypertension etc. However, clients who have undergone angioplasty, smokers with ECG changes, clients with high sugar levels or blood pressure levels are advised to get it controlled before surgery. Since hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery and not an emergency surgery, it is advisable for clients who have undergone any psychiatrist treatments for depression or anxiety to kindly let us know so that adequate measures can be taken to keep you comfortable. We always use an anaesthetist to monitor you during the earlier stages of the procedure, for your comfort and safety.

Yes, it is in clients who are realistic with their expectations. It is not possible to match the density one had prior to hair loss but the difference it makes is apparent.

Depending upon one’s expectations of what an optimal density is, which varies in individuals, one or two sittings may be required. This will be discussed during the consultation.

Not really, as we sedate patients and pain is felt only during injections. After that it is painless, and analgesics are advised to cover you for a few days.

In strip technique, a scar will form at the back of the scalp. In most patients, scarring is minimal after the trichophytic closure, but this also needs a very good density to work so it will be visible if the head is shaved. At times, a small FUE may be required to camouflage the scar, or we even suggest micropigmentation for the scar to be hidden. There is no visible scarring seen in FUE.

Any person who has a very good density in the donor area of the scalp is a good candidate for hair restoration. People with dark hair and dark skin colour of the scalp look better as there is less contrast. People with curly hair do better than ones with straight hair. It is important to note that hair restoration never achieves the thick density one had prior to hair loss or may not cover the entire scalp in people with severe balding.

With medical science, with the best of training, and even if performed correctly, no doctor can ethically guarantee that great results will happen in all clients in a single sitting, every time. In the rare event that some grafts fail to yield hair after a sufficient time span, we assure you that those grafts will be replaced at no further graft cost to client, provided there is enough donor area available for us to deal with.


Dr Vivekananda Bhat

After receiving his Masters in Surgery, Dr Vivekanand started his medical practise in 1998. He then underwent training in Hair Restoration surgery...


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