Breast Augmentation or Reduction Surgery

Breast Enlargement Surgery (Augmentation) – Surgery that will increase the size of the breast through the employment of an implant.

The implant is generally inserted through an incision created in the natural crease found beneath the breast. Additionally, you could make the incision within the armpit or around the edge of the areola. The incisions are then sewed shut with the help of fine, dissolving sutures. This procedure requires a day’s

dataModern surgical techniques, along with the quality of silicone implants offered nowadays, has made breast enlargement surgery achievable with faster recovery times. The breasts contain fat and glands that sits above the pectoralis muscle, and the implant will be placed below the breast or below the muscle.also we provide the best breast reduction treatment.

Breast Mastopexy is a surgery to correct breast position and firmness without a growth or reduction in size. Breast sagging occurs in varying degrees due to a number of reasons. This variance in body weight can conjointly affect the form of breast, which is observed in individuals between 25-40 years of age.


In patients with realistic expectations, breast augmentation leads to pleasing outcomes with improved self confidence, post procedure. The procedure involves an incision made round the nipple, and then vertically down the breast fold. Excess skin and fat is removed from the lower part of the breast before the nipple areola and breast tissue is moved up to a higher position, as the skin edges are approximated with sutures. The surgery is performed beneath a general anaesthetic as a routine surgical procedure, however it is advised to remain overnight in the hospital for monitoring purposes. The procedure usually takes 1-2 hours to perform. Mastopexy might be combined with a small implant to attain fullness or firmness when readjustment of normal tissue alone is not sufficient.


Breast Reduction Mammoplasty is the surgical treatment used to correct or scale-back massive breasts. Disproportionate breasts can be disturbing to many women as it often results in back and shoulder pain, and may even require special supportive clothing. The basic procedure involves a reduction in breast volume and restoration of traditional contour. Additionally, this involves moving the nipple to a brand new level that is consistent with the remaining breast. The procedure is similar to Mastopexy, and requires hospitalisation of two days.


Results are good in terms of aesthetics, with most patients preferring smaller, firmer breasts. After the surgery, shoulder and back pain disappears but the individual may still require supporting clothing.

Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore


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