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Thread Lift – A Viable Solution To Surgical Face Lifting

Date :04-Feb-2016

Facial muscles tend to lose elasticity as one age. If you are looking for ways in which you can turn the clock, and get a youthful skin which has no traces of fine lines and wrinkles then face lifts is the best option for you. The effect of facelifts lasts for around seven to ten years. Facelifts can either be surgical or non-surgical like thread lifts. Thread lifts, also known as suture lifts, is a procedure in which thin threads are attached to the skin tissues on the targeted areas through tiny incisions. These threads are then pulled back so as to lift and smooth the face. The threads act

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Dr Vivekananda Bhat

After receiving his Masters in Surgery, Dr Vivekanand started his medical practise in 1998. He then underwent training in Hair Restoration surgery...


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