Five Best Reasons You Might Consider Tummy Tuck Surgery After Having Babies

Date :07-Jul-2017

Giving birth and becoming a mother is unarguably the greatest of miracles in the way the woman’s body transforms and accommodates the new role of motherhood.

Although blissful, giving birth takes a toll on a woman’s body, as keeping the baby within her for nine months and putting on weight all along is not that easy to reverse after birth.

Thankfully there are methods to get rid of the excess fat and loose skin that come with the delivery, as the stretched skin in the tummy area suddenly loosens up.

Tummy Tuck is the best choice after having babies:

Tummy tuck Liposuction Surgery is preferred by many mothers after having a baby to get back in shape and wear their favorite dresses hidden away in the closet for almost a year. Tummy tuck surgery or Abdominoplasty is not entirely a cosmetic surgery, but a procedure that corrects the stretched and damaged abdominal muscles, more common in mothers with larger babies.

Still it’s a prevalent opinion that a Tummy Tuck is something seen as cosmetic touch, but in reality, many women find out that have Diastasis Recti[Not clear what this means. Please rephrase.], or commonly known as split or torn abdominal muscles, which is far more serious than body shape and must be treated as soon as possible.

Tummy Tuck surgery aids in repairing the damaged abdominal muscles while also being flattering and beautiful tummy to help a woman regain their confidence.

If you have not considered getting a tummy tuck after pregnancy, we’ll give you five reasons to reconsider your decision and benefit from this procedure.

1) Loose skin around your abdominal area:

Pregnancy makes your body go through tremendous changes, and the weight of the child in the final term stretches the abdominal muscles, layers of skin and tissue, causing it to rupture or lose elasticity. Notice how you get stretch marks on your tummy? This is proof of how much the tummy section is stretched. Often these bodily changes are naturally irreversible, resulting in a punch.

2) Getting rid of C-Section scarring:

For women who go through a C-Section for delivery, the scar under the bellybutton is a lifelong mark of pride but also unsightly in some cases. A tummy tuck procedure can conceal that scar from the belly by stretching and lifting the skin over it.

3) Diastasis recti:

As mentioned before, some women, after pregnancy, suffer from a condition called the Diastasis Recti, which splits the abdominal muscles. Some symptoms of this are constipation, constant lower back pain, and bad posture. A tummy tuck surgery can repair the abdominal muscles and skin and help regain your physique and self-confidence.

4) Look Younger and Feel confident:

Looking beautiful and feeling confident can change the world for you. A tummy tuck lets you have your pre-pregnancy figure while allowing you to enjoy the gift of motherhood with absolutely no inhibitions about your beauty.

5) You are not having any more children:

Now that you have chosen to stop growing your family, it’s best for you to take personal care and fitness back on the priority list. Surgeons recommend going for a tummy tuck surgery when you have already had your last child, and do not want more to ensure that the procedure is most effective and beneficial for you.

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Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore

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