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With Dr Hoyos during his 4D Body Sculpting training in Bogota, Columbia in 2013.


Receiving his training certification on Anti-Aging treatments in 2007.


with Dr Russell Knudsen, ex-President of ISHRS, during his training in Micro Graft hair transplants at Sydney, in 2009.

Cosmetic Studio Bangalore, run by Dr Vivekananda Bhat, is the oldest clinic in the city, offering premium cosmetic, aesthetics and hair transplant treatments to both Indian and overseas clients alike. This registered and licensed organisation offers effective treatment solutions with the help of its advanced equipment; including body sculpting, permanent facial hair removal, hair transplant surgery, and age reduction treatments. The surgical and non-surgical procedures are handled by a team of internationally qualified surgeons, having more than 30 years of experience in the profession. The team is headed by Dr. Vivekananda Bhat, a highly qualified, internationally certified cosmetic surgeon with accreditation to several important organisations dedicated to cosmetic surgery research and training.

After receiving his Masters in Surgery, Dr Vivekanand started his medical practice in 1998. He then underwent training in Hair Restoration surgery, Body Sculpting surgery, and Anti Aging treatments under pioneers from across the world. His hair transplant training in micrograft procedures was completed under Russell Knudsen, Sydney. Dr Knudsen is the ex-President of ISHRS, and underwent Neograft FUE training in France, at Paris and Lyon, under Yves Crassas, the pioneer of FUE surgery.

He underwent Body Sculpting surgical treatment training under Dr Gusato Liebaschoff in Buenos Aires, Laser Lipolysis training under Dr Nicola Zerbinati, Plastic surgery In Milan, and 4-dimensional Body Sculpting under Dr Alfredo Hoyos in Bogota, Columbia.

He also underwent training in Anti-Aging treatments in Bangkok and Singapore, using Radiofrequency and threads, under Dr Kok.

Dr Vivekanand is affiliated with several corporate hospitals, including Cloud Nine, Motherhood, Vikram Hospital, and Fortis La Femme in Bangalore, where he conducts his surgeries.

He now has 20 years of experience and several thousand cosmetic surgeries to his credit.

He has treated clients from about 20 plus countries, who have visited him specifically for various surgeries.


Why Cosmetic Studio?


Cosmetic Studio is the ultimate destination in India to avail premium cosmetic treatments, such as:

1. Fue Hair Transplant Surgery

2. Laser Facial Hair Removal (Permanent)

3. Painless Anti-Ageing & Age Reduction Treatments

4. Weight Loss Treatments

5. High Definition Body Sculpting

6. Post Pregnancy Body Sculpting, Using The International Venus Freeze System

All cosmetic surgical treatments at Cosmetic Studio are conducted under the supervision of our team of internationally trained, certified, licensed, and accredited cosmetic surgeons, with over 3 decades of experience in the relevant field.

The team is lead by Dr Vivekanand Bhat, regarded by eminent Indian cosmetology specialists as the one to introduce international standard cosmetic aesthetics and hair transplant treatments in India. Dr Bhat has acquired extensive training in several international organizations:

  • Advanced Hair Transplantation Treatment from Ex-President of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Threads for Face Lift in Argentina
  • Body Sculpting Surgeries in Buenos Aires
  • Smart Lipo in Singapore
  • Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery in France
  • Laser Lipolysis in Milan, Italy
  • Radiofrequency for Facelift, Bangkok
  • Besides these, he has also undergone a specialized training in FUE Hair Transplant Surgery in Australia.
  • Member of the International Union of Lipoplasty
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Certificate Of Achivement


Laserlipolisi – Smartlipo


International Union of Lipoplasty


Clinical Training


American Academy Of Aesthetic Medicine


Certificate of Competence Laserlipolisi


UC Training Certificate


American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine


4D Lipo With FatTransfer


India Excellence Summit 2017

Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore


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